We believe in an athlete centered, science based, coach driven philosophy that caters to the long term development of each athlete. All of our athlete begin by establishing an adequate base of slower, easier long distance running. The length of the runs and the duration of the base period is determined by the runner's beginning fitness level and the ultimate goal. Though there are many who will aim to go no further than base running, most will graduate to much faster runs interspersed throughout the week with easier days for rest and recovery. Eventually, the speed on some of these faster days will become race specific and quite rigorous, to say the least. We believe that training venues should vary as road runs, hilly park courses, and the track all serve specific purposes in the runner's improvement plan. Because we all come from different backgrounds with equally different goals, the workouts you receive will be individualized to meet YOUR specific goals. Rarely will two runners get the same workout during a given time period. The key to the entire system is to generate a communication with each of our athletes so that the runner can continually move in a positive direction

The Pearson Method:

  • Train all five bio motor abilities (Speed, Strength, Endurance, Flexibility, Coordination)
  • Coach the athlete as an individual 
  • Practice endurance daily
  • Run well above racing distance
  • Develop overall body and core strength
  • Develop Central Nervous System skills
  • Practice speed year round
  • Be very Positive - Believe in yourself
  • Develop general and specific year round goals

The basic premise of the Pearson Method is that everyone will improve. We feel we have the ability to raise you to the limits of your potential. For some the goal will be to run a certain distance without stopping, and for others it will be to gain positions on national teams. Ron Clarke, holder of most of the world's distance records when Jim was a novice runner, wrote, "If Ron Clarke can do it, anyone can." Years later as the American 50 mile record holder and two-time Olympic marathon trials qualifier, Jim wrote, "If Jim Pearson can do it, anybody can." Both runners, after a lot of hard work, rose to levels well above what they had ever imagined. To raise your abilities to the goals you're aiming toward we use a system employing the ideas of such great coaches as Arthur Lydiard, Mihaly Igloi, Fred Wilt, and Bill Bowerman. Though these coaches appear on the surface to be extremely different in approach, most of their stepping stones toward success were very much alike. What may merely look to be "old school" is actually supported quite well by Toby Tanser'sTrain Hard, Win Easy which chronicles the steps to the top by Kenya's top runners. 

Non runner athletes can and will succeed and improve to all levels in any sport by using either of the Pearson programs (Basic or Advanced).