Harrier Track Club 
About HTC

What is the Harrier Track Club (HTC)?
HTC is owned by Pearsons Athletics. Pearsons Athletics is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, that offers services to Youth, Open, Elite, and Masters athletes in the sport of cross country, track & field, road running, ultra running, mountain running, race walking, and Paralympics.

Why Join HTC?
Joining HTC will ensure great fun, memories, and success for your short and long term goals. With a staff of more than 65 years of coaching experience, we can provide the correct program for you! Having a coach & teammates will also save you lots of time and effort, as we will do all the planning for you! It's always nice to have a cheerleader! 

When does the HTC season start and end?
HTC practices run all year round! 52 weeks a year. We believe in a fun, competitive, positive atmosphere! Middle and High school athletes typically join the week following the end of their respected seasons!   

Where are HTC practices held?
Practices are held throughout the Greater Seattle Area all year! Typical practices can be found at Green Lake Park, and Lower Woodland Park. Please check the schedules for your group! It can be found under the main page (Olympic Development), or the tabs (Youth & Masters) at the top!

How much does HTC cost?
HTC monthly registration fee is $125 per athlete. Please see the Membership tab at the top.

What form of communication is used by the club to reach athletes/parents?
All communication is handled via e-mail, texting, phone calls, and on the website! If practice will be canceled or changed, we will send emails, text messages, call, and a post will be put on the website!

I want to be apart of HTC! What do I do now?
Simple! Register with the club! Membership runs all year! Let's start training!

Why do I even need a private coach?  We provide a service geared specifically to you rather than to a large group of runners with various goals and abilities.

What events or types of runners do you coach? 
We currently coach runners from first time athletes, to athletes competing at the US Championships and representing HTC in the World Championships.

Why can't I get the same improvement from reading a book? 
If workouts are supplied, they are again programs for the masses, not programs designed specifically for you.

How soon will I see progress? 
This depends on where you are at the start of the training program. Some runners will need a month of background work before doing anything intense. Others may start immediately with goal specific workouts. In any case you can see progress quite soon.

How do I pay for my coaching? 
Paypal is the most secure method for both coach and athlete. (Link to Paypal)

Will I get the same workouts as other athletes?
 No. Each athlete will be given an individualized training program to fit his/her needs! Obviously, there are times when two runners will get the same workout, but this isn't the usual case.

How will you know how to write my workouts? 
As experienced coaches, dealing daily with athletes ranging from 30 minute 5k runners to world class distance runners, we will have no trouble pinpointing what training will be needed to get you to achieve your goals. Our constant communication and record keeping will allow us to determine your exact needs.

How will I know if I am gaining from your advice? 
Simple! When you are healthy, happy, and competing faster than before!