F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why do I even need a private coach? 
 We provide a service geared specifically to you rather than to a large group of runners with various goals and abilities.

What events or types of runners do you coach? 
We currently coach runners from fitness level to runners vying for a U.S. national teams.

What do I need to get started? 
Contact CoachPearson.com for your free consultation, an important first step since it allows us to evaluate exactly where you are as a runner.

Why can't I get the same improvement from reading a book? 
If workouts are supplied, they are again programs for the masses, not programs designed specifically for you and your body.

How soon will I see progress? 
This depends on where you are at the start of the training program. Some runners will need a month of background work before doing anything intense. Others may start immediately with goal specific workouts. In any case you can see progress quite soon.

How do I pay for my coaching? 

Will I get the same workouts as other clients?
 No. Each athlete will be given an individualized training program to fit his/her needs! Obviously, there are times when two runners will get the same workout, but this isn't the usual case.

How will you know how to write my workouts? 
As experienced coaches, dealing daily with athletes ranging from 30 minute 5k runners to world class distance runners, we will have no trouble pinpointing what training will be needed to get you to achieve your goals. Our constant communication and record keeping will allow us to determine your exact needs.

How will I know if I am gaining from your advice? 
Simple! When you are healthy, happy, and running faster than before!