Harrier Track Club

Harrier Track Club believes in an athlete centered, science based, coach driven philosophy, that caters to the long-term development, physiologically, and psychologically, of each athlete. It's out mission is to find, create, and support all athletes in the sport of athletics in their efforts to achieve Personal records, receive college scholarships, make college teams and/or qualify for US Junior or Open Championships, and help top level athletes and Olympic hopefuls to refine and advance their skills in the sport of athletes and to be competitive on the local, regional, US, World and Olympic levels.

Harrier Track Club will create this pathway, by providing a structured, healthy, and supportive environment to enable each athlete the tools and ability to set and achieve realistic, and yet very high, long-term and short-term goals. As well as holding team workouts, we will train athletes specifically to their goals and abilities in our high quality coached team practices. We will help athletes develop the physical talent necessary for success in a competitive environment. 
A positive running environment for athletes provided by coaches dedicated to bettering distance running will give athletes the true means of reaching their potential.

In addition to our mission statement, our goal is to develop our coaching staff, and athletes, into leaders of the highest character that selflessly serve those around them, treating others better than we are treated, to develop better humans. Our goals include preparing every athlete for a rewarding career.

As an ambassador of our sport, we are ultimately in charge of effecting change in each athlete's life, and foster a positive environment and attitude for our sport, and its practice and competition, that will help lead them through their pursuit of excellence.

Other goals include:

-        Uphold the positive-coaching philosophy

-        Uphold the athlete-centered, science based, coach driven model of coaching

-        Create an atmosphere where coach-athlete, athlete-coach communication is possible

-        Working as a family where all members are important

-        Teaching that maintaining good citizenship, and following rules are a must

-        Adhere to WADA and USADA rules and regulations

-        Goal setting can become an important life skill

-        Share on my passion for our sport onto my athletes.

-        Create an environment which promotes a learning and progressing.