Harrier Track Club: 

Being a member of Harrier Track Club will ensure success for your short term, semi-long term, Long term, career, motivational, and health goals that you have set for yourself! With a staff of more than 65 years of experience, and 70 years of running, that has worked with athletes ranging from first time runners, to athletes who have complete top-5 times in world history, we can provide the right running program for you.

Membership Pricing:

Monthly Price: $105
(Due by the 5th of each month. Payment link on left Tap) 

Membership Includes:

- Personal Individualized Coaching

- 24/7 Email and Phone contact (texting included)
- Training in all aspects of the sport**
- Daily practices provided
- Several weekly emails on training, motivation and more!

**Training Includes:
Endurance training
Threshold training 
Aerobic Training
Anaerobic Training
Anabolic Training
Max Velocity Training
Speed Endurance Training
Special Endurance Training
Psychological Training
Form technique
Several pages of drills/core/strength
Hill Bounding development and training
Central Nervous System training
Weight training
Strength and Coordination training
Injury prevention
and more!